Palace Examinations, Metropolitan Examinations, Provincial Examinations

370 volumes of Imperial examination records from the Tianyige 天一阁 Museum

This collection assembles 370 volumes of Imperial examinations records stored in and published as print editions by the Tianyige Museum in the years 2006, 2007, and resp. 2010. Among them are 56 volumes of Records of Palace Examinations (登科录) from the years 1371 till 1460, 39 volumes of Records of Metropolitan Examinations (会试录) from the years 1430 till 1580, and 275 volumes of Records of Provincial Examinations (乡试录) from the years 1486 till 1510. Scanned images of the originals are provided. There is no searchable full text of the books. As all other Apabi eBooks, all records will also have a catalogue entry in our OPAC.

The database will soon be available in the normal database list (Fulltext/databaes). Until then please follow this link: