In order to support institutes in research and teaching, the Specialised Information Service Asia (FID Asien) offers CrossAsia training courses and information material supplementing the FID Asien and CrossAsia’s offers for students, researchers and teachers.

On this page, you will find our training programme, current course dates and additional information material, such as flyers, handouts, and How-to videos. If you have additional requests or questions regarding our training programme, please contact us by using the form below or via e-mail:


We offer the following training programme:

  • Training courses on request from your institution, such as for a class, workshop or a colloquium. We will do our best to accommodate your specific wishes. These training courses can be conducted at your institute or online-based. Please note: Due to the Covid19-Corona pandemic, we presently only offer online courses. Please contact us by using the form below or via e-mail.
  • Open online courses with dates for general introductions, as well as with region-specific content. Follow this link for the current dates, incl. the access links for the individual sessions.
  • We do also offer open online courses on specific types of materials and research tools, as well as further offers of the FID Asia project and CrossAsia; you can find up to date information in our course plan below. You can also suggest specific topics, which we eventually may bundle up and integrate into our programme. For communicating your suggestions, please also use the form below or contact us via e-mail.


Here you find the current dates for general introductions, area-specific trainings or the use of specific types of materials and research tools. The courses are open to the public. Dates and information are updated continually, so it pays to have a look once in a while.

The link for a pending virtual meeting will be published in due time in the announcement section below. Registration is not necessary, you can join spontaneously. By using the contact form, however, you can also pose questions – in due time before the course – regarding the content or request specific topics to be addressed in the course.

If not noted otherwise, the language of lecture is German. If you are interested in an English-language course, you can contact us in good time and we will try to provide the course in English.

All online courses are scheduled in Berlin Time / Central European Time (CET/UTC+1).

Please note: You can take part in the courses using your browser without having to install a special software. Please click on the respective button “meeting room” below, follow the link “join via browser” (“über Browser teilnehmen”), and enter your name. Please allow, for the Welcome, that the Meeting room may access to your microphone and video. During the session, please deactivate the video function via the Meeting room menu, in order to improve the connection. If you do not want to say something yourself, please also deactivate your microphone. This also eliminates disturbing background noise and annoying feedback. Everything else will be addressed during the session.

New dates will be announced in time for the winter term 2021/2022.

Further trainings and workshops at Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin

You can find further trainings and workshops for researching, academic writing or catering the specific needs of PhD students in the event calendar of Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin.

To arrange specific training courses for your institute, please contact us by using the form below or via e-mail.


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User guides

User guides within the respective databases are often very informative. These are often labeled as:
ヘルプ /このデータベースについて / ユーザーガイド /  ?  /  使い方 / マニュアル etc.

Freely accessible user guides of the database providers (often Japanese versions are more detailed than English versions…):

Testzugang: Dai kanwa jiten
Bijutsu shinpô und Ronza
Testzugang zu RONZA


“CrossAsia Classroom” — CrossAsia

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