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CrossAsia offers access to specialised information from the entire spectrum of humanities and social sciences from and about Asia. With its various activities and competences in the fields of activity described above, CrossAsia supports the Asia-related studies in research and teaching in Germany and beyond. It has developed outstanding, partly unique services for Asia-related research. Examples include the steadily growing set of licensed full-text databases with nationwide remote access, the CrossAsia Search, which, in addition to its own printed and electronic holdings, provides central access to Asia-related original-language bibliographic records in catalogues of national and international libraries, a full-text search which searches in the data pool of the Integrated Text Repository (ITR) with full-texts extracted from licensed databases, and the CrossAsia Open Access Repository for primary and secondary publications for unrestricted and free-of-charge access to scientific information. The CrossAsia Flyer (PDF) provides additional information on the various services.

The CrossAsia portal was designed as a central access point for scientific information in the Asia-related studies. The portal has been set up by the Specialised Information Service Asia (Fachinformationsdienst Asien) at Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, which provides significant impetus for the development of the CrossAsia portal.

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